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SEO & Content Writing

While email marketing is an active approach for getting instant leads or retaining existing customers, SEO is a passive approach to getting organic leads by funneling traffic onto your website through the use keywords to trigger searches. SEO enables companies to organically build a subscriber base and capture leads that come into your website via a banner or a chatbot. For a company that’s just getting started, it can take an estimated 90 days of SEO to get a search engine presence on Google.

Offsite-Team offers two types of SEO plans: Standard and Ecommerce. Standard SEO is ideal for any retail or services business whereas Ecommerce SEO is geared towards scaling online stores. Each type of SEO plan has three pricing tiers for a monthly subscription. 

Because SEO is a cumulative approach to marketing, the results are not going to be instant like email marketing is, and it can take anywhere from weeks to even months to get your website organic traffic. Organic traffic significantly impacts brand recognition and allows your business to stand out on Google search.

We also have a third option that just focuses on content creation where our team of skilled writers can create relevant articles for your business each week and share them on your blog and social media pages with your consent. 

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Option 1: Standard SEO – Starting at $599/month, 3 price tiers.

Option 2: Ecommerce SEO – Starting at $899/month, 3 price tiers.

Option 3: Content Writing – Starting at $299/month, 3 price tiers.

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