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Serving Insurance Lead Gen & Insurance SaaS companies
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The future is NOW. Working remotely has taken over the traditional workforce. Chief-of-Staff are being hired here and there. Is this the right choice for you and your business?

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VA Agencies

What we do

We help insurance lead-gen SaaS businesses run more efficiently.

Offsite-Team helps insurance lead-generation SaaS businesses grow and thrive in a remote world via strategy and staffing solutions. We do this by leveraging advanced industry practices tailored to our client’s companies and building them a virtual team after developing a strategy with a quantifiable ROI of 20x.

Why choose us

We thrive in a remote world

Our team is 100% virtual, with no physical office spaces. We hire contractors from developing countries from diverse geographic regions with advanced certifications and college degrees. As a result, our client’s business experiences reduced overhead costs and more room to scale because of 24/7 coverage all year.

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You have a vision

We have a way to get you there

We help businesses run more efficiently.

Clients Served

Offsite-Team is a strategy, and staffing consultant focused on scaling Insurance Lead Gen, InsurTech, and Insurance SaaS companies and helping them identify $1.5M in margin increase or cost savings within their first year.

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