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A staggering 92% of SaaS businesses fail in their first three years.

Developing the right strategy can make or break your insurance lead gen SaaS business. Additionally, the most common challenges affecting insurance companies are lack of trust within the organization, competition, mismanagement, economic instability, weak workforce, and excessive politicization. We at Offsite-Team have a proven track record of fixing the gap of miscommunication between teams so that companies can operate more efficiently.

So the question is, can your business afford not to have a unique strategy and a dedicated offsite division to take care of all your outsourcing needs?

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(what’s in it for You):

Offsite-Team offers an all-in-one bundle that includes strategy and staffing for your insure tech and insurance lead gen SaaS company. You will have peace of mind knowing that your company is operating more efficiently, and your overhead costs for the new workforce will be less than 50% of the traditional method of hiring employees onsite. More importantly, you will have a clear vision for your business and a strategy that will define your company for many years and have plenty of time to develop an exit strategy, so you don’t have to work inside your business. To cut to the chase, you will tangibly see $175k per month in the margin or revenue ROI after a 90-day ramp-up and a total of $1.5M in margin or revenue increase after 12 months.


  • Step 1: A free 20-minute intake call where we gather information, learn more about your insurance lead gen business, and determine if Offsite-Team will be a good fit for your strategy and staffing needs.
  • Step 2: A one-hour-long discovery session on Zoom or Teams where all C-suite members are encouraged to attend along with the founder. Based on the intake call and your preferences, we will dive deep into one of the three audits below and provide a checklist of items to bring for this session, which will help us highlight and forecast the Margin and Revenue Increase of working with you.

Audits: a) ROI Maximization Audit: A series of checks to see if the Lead Gen SaaS company is maximizing the ROI of what they are spending to market + operate the business. b) LTV Maximizing Audit: Are the processes, results, customer success journey, and engagement workflows optimized to retain clients and encourage the company to increase year-over-year spending? c) Automation Audit: Are the PM workflows, means of tracking/analyzing data, and automation pushing margin growth to its maximum potential in the company?

  • Step 3: After the discovery call, we will implement a campaign launch, and within the first week of services, we will break down six ROI areas centered around revenue increase and margin increase. 
  • Step 4: The strategy phase is finished after we present the 6 ROI areas. The next phase is the implementation phase, where we will onboard remote hires and set up workflows and automation during the crucial 90-day pilot period. 
  • Step 5: This is where the promised results will kick in. After the 90-day pilot period, your business should be on track to notice a $175k in revenue increase and cost savings with our continued efforts in scaling your insurance SaaS company.


Campaign Launch Rate: $3000 for the first week, paid at account activation.

Week-to-Week Commitment (no lock-in):  $3500/wk paid on Friday for the following week.

Month – to Month Commitment (no lock-in): $10k/mo, paid on the 1st of each month

(After three month pilot period)

6-month contract $8500/mo (15% yearly savings from monthly, paid upfront)

12-month contract $7500/mo (25% yearly savings from monthly, paid upfront)

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