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Chief-of-Staff For Insurance SaaS & Insurance Tech Companies

It’s hard to focus on creative work or business development when juggling the day-to-day tasks of simply making a business run. Let our team of specialized professionals handle your emails, customer service, bookkeeping, project management, sales, and more.

We hire and staff chief-of-staff for insurance SaaS and insurance tech around the globe, ready to work in your desired time zone. These skilled professionals can assist with various operations and data-related projects, such as email and file management, bookkeeping, database/CRM systems, advanced Excel/Google Docs, Outlook/G-Suite, website development, and more.

Below are examples of chief-of-staff roles that Offsite-Team staffs for Insurance SaaS & Insurance Tech Companies.

  1. Insurance Chief-of-Staff – We hire candidates with extensive knowledge and/or work experience in the insurance tech and SaaS space. Examples of tasks include preparing a new insurance quote, processing a certificate of insurance, collecting payments, organizing client information, helping with customer re-shops, attending calls/meetings, and much more.
  2. Lead Gen Chief-of-Staff – A lead generation chief-of-staff possesses sharp technical and research skills, which enables them to various lead generation tasks from scraping data on the web, managing CRM, working on spreadsheets, updating and mining data, researching records, etc. 
  3. General Administrative Assistant – A general administrative assistant is the one size fits all approach for positions that require wearing multiple hats. These assistants thrive in a startup environment to manage the founding members’ day-to-day operations and calendar management. They focus on keeping the business organized, project managing emails and social media, and performing ad hoc tasks like transcribing podcasts, creating funnels, email marketing, video editing, blogging, graphic design, and more.
  4. Customer Service Assistant – Offer your customers the best in the phone, chat, video, or email support. Our multilingual representatives handle inbound and outbound inquiries, providing technical support and solving service issues with a smile. Offsite-Team delivers a monthly report on team performance and the positive impact on your business.
  5. Content Writer – Content creation is an excellent way to organically grow your business. With the help of a content writer, you can reach your target customer base and earn an online audience by publishing brand-related content and consistently sharing it on your social media channels. Our content writers are skilled at crafting relevant, SEO-friendly articles and maintaining a steady schedule of social media outreach.
  6. Paralegal Assistant – Paralegal assistants spend their workday organizing legal files, conducting research, handling scheduling and clerical functions, preparing legal briefs, and performing other paralegal duties to help insurance businesses stay more organized in the legal departments.
  7. Bookkeeping and AR/AP Assistants – A fast-growing business can acquire debt if not handled properly. Bookkeeping and AR/AP assistants are great at organizing finances, clearing company debt, and ensuring liquidity by efficiently handling accounts receivables, accounts payables, customer invoices, and payments. This cost-effective service offers a great alternative to collections agencies, which take a hefty commission. Our AR/AP assistants for insurance SaaS and insurance tech companies are proactive and assertive, handling customer matters with professional courtesy and thoroughly tracking purchases and business expenses.


Campaign Launch Rate: $3000 for the first week, paid at account activation.

Week-to-Week Commitment (no lock-in):  $3500/wk paid on Friday for the following week.

Month – to Month Commitment (no lock-in): $10k/mo, paid on the 1st of each month

(After three month pilot period)

6-month contract $8500/mo (15% yearly savings from monthly, paid upfront)

12-month contract $7500/mo (25% yearly savings from monthly, paid upfront)

Business solutions can help you get there.

Offsite-Team is a strategy, and staffing consultant focused on scaling Insurance Lead Gen, InsurTech, and Insurance SaaS companies and helping them identify $1.5M in margin increase or cost savings within their first year.

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