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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Campaign Launch handbook, which can be purchased on Offsite-Team’s website, covers the first week of work which includes fleshing out custom SOPs with $1.5M in value promises and a quantifiable ROI case of 20x for your business. These SOPs are created using the data provided during the discovery session. This week, we will build a customized ROI strategy for your business centered around sourcing and managing talent. We will identify six core ROI areas directly tied to revenue increase and cost reduction. When implemented, our clients will tangibly, instantly see $175k per month, every month in the margin or revenue ROI after a 90-day ramp up.

  • The Pilot Program is a 90-day ramp up period where Offsite-Team enters the strategy implementation phase and builds a virtual team for your business from scratch. This is the phase where we source, vet, and onboard specialized talent to help manage your day-to-day operations by filling the void, improving processes, and automating redundant operations. After the end of the ramp up period, clients will be able to tangibly, directly see $175k per month, every month in the margin or revenue ROI.

Below is what our clients can expect during the Pilot Program.

Custom SOPs for your business with fleshed-out job descriptions for your remote back office team

    • Highly vetted, screened, and qualified Offsite-Team Chief-of-Staff with a college degree and a minimum of five years of work experience
    • Scoping out procedures and SOPs to systematize the Chief-of-Staff’s role
    • Dedicated support with the option to hire additional team members, as well as implement additional process and SOP developments
    • Zero payroll and HR headaches
    • Complete absence of employee liabilities
    • Ongoing account support via our Concierge Team
  • Yes. You will be in complete control of the hiring process. Before hiring anyone onboard to your team, we will send you some call or video samples of your potential matches. If you approve, we will schedule a one-hour call and bring in up to three candidates in the room for each position. After you have communicated with them and interviewed them, you can let us know which candidates you liked best and who you see yourself working with. The remaining candidates will be recycled for other client interviews. Should you need help interviewing the candidates, we are happy to work with you and provide a list of questions to ask the candidates relevant to their background, work experience, and why they will be a good fit for your organization.

  • The Concierge Team is your direct line of communication to Offsite-Team corporate and is your built-in back office HR. You will have one account executive assigned to you, and their role is to support both you and your chief-of-staff to ensure all resources are utilized to their fullest.

  • No, the Concierge Team will not manage your back office chief-of-staff. The Concierge Team was created with the intent to support both our clients and the chief-of-staff for the life of the account as well as settle any disputes. However, the client is expected to manage their dedicated chief-of-staff just like they would handle an onsite employee.

  • The Campaign Launch fee is paid at account activation and may be directly purchased on our website. After the Campaign Launch, the payment cycle of the Pilot Program is paid upfront on Friday for the following week’s services if the client is on a weekly plan and upfront on the 1st of each month if they are on a monthly schedule. After the Pilot Program, the client will be allowed to subscribe for a more extended period (6 or 12 months) with reduced yearly savings for semi-annual or annual payments.

All Offsite-Team chief-of-staff undergo a 2-to-4 week training bootcamp that immerses them in adopting Offsite-Team’s culture, core values, and promises. During this stage, we ensure each candidate is up to date on the best industry practices for working with our clients to deliver results with minimal supervision. The training program helps us ensure that the candidate is a high achiever and fit to support our clients’ businesses before we officially onboard them.

Because we implement a tailored approach to our strategy and staffing that is unique to your business, finding the right candidate for the role is our top priority. The custom SOPs we generated for your business during the strategy phase are the key to onboarding a successful candidate. We aim to ensure that you feel comfortable delegating your redundant operations to your dedicated assistant so that they can quickly grasp the workflows and provide automation for you so that you don’t have to manage the nitty gritty work yourself unless necessary. We understand that the relationship of trust takes time to build with your new assistant; therefore, our Concierge Team will regularly check in with you and the chief-of-staff during the first four weeks to ensure things are seamless and there are no communication barriers. After four weeks, we are confident that your assistant is capable of working with minimal supervision with our support and guidance.

As good as our vetting process is in finding the right fit for our clients, sometimes things just don’t work out and that is typical with any new hire. In an instance where you are not satisfied with your assigned chief-of-staff’s work or communication style, just email Our Concierge Team will ensure that we find an immediate replacement within a reasonable time frame to take over where the other assistant left off and manage the HR headaches that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Not only will the Concierge Team find a replacement candidate, but they will also ensure that the offboarding process is smooth with your current chief-of-staff, and the replaced candidate is seamlessly onboarded and trained so that they can pick up where your existing chief-of-staff left off.

During the replacement stages, our Concierge Team will help facilitate the necessary training materials and resources for the new candidate that will be replaced with your consent. Our goal is to get the new candidate up to speed and have them pick up right where your previous assistant left off. We ensure a smooth transition during the replacement stage and document every detail as long as our Concierge Team has your consent to create an open line of communication and work with you.

Should you end ties with your chief-of-staff either because you opted for a replacement or decide to leave Offsite-Team, our IT team will remotely delete all files and data stored on the chief-of-staff’s computer permanently to avoid traces or records of your information with the chief-of-staff. This data sweep will wipe all information about your business from the assistant’s computer, including emails, instant messaging communications, applications, files, documents, etc.

Our chief-of-staff are trained to send all our clients daily clock-in and clock-out reports with lists and a summary of the tasks that they will be working on and the tasks that they have completed in the form of bullet points. We believe this allows the assistant to hold themselves accountable for the work they are delivering for our clients, and this also reduces micromanagement. Additionally, the chief-of-staff will be integrated into your software and platforms, as well as our shared time tracking software to which we give you client access. This will allow you to take a peek at the workflow and the progress your assistant is making and enable you to track KPIs.

Offsite-Team observes the following US holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If the chief-of-staff is to be working on one of these holidays, there will be a one-time fee of $100 for each US holiday worked billed on the following billing cycle. Any other holidays your company follows can be discussed at the start of the assistant’s contract so we can factor that in. Clients also have the option to have their chief-of-staff take the day off, paid or unpaid, at their regular rate by emailing

All Offsite-Team contractors and management staff must sign a notarized Confidentiality Agreement with a non-disclosure clause in addition to an Independent Contractor Agreement. Moreover, we enforce strict IT protocols to avoid misuse of client information because value our client’s trust and privacy. Should you require your chief-of-staff and their managers to sign an NDA, we will be happy to work with you and comply. Earning our client’s trust is how we build successful business relationships for the long-term, and rest assured, we treat each client’s information with care so that their data and privacy are protected.

Weekly subscribers may cancel within seven days of giving us written notice, whereas monthly subscribers may cancel within fifteen days of showing us written notice. An email with the subject “Service Cancellation” with the reason for cancellation sent to will suffice.

Offsite-Team enables digital nomads and solo entrepreneurs to excel in remote work with tailored staffing solutions.

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