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Specialized Assistants for Digital Nomads & Solo Entrepreneurs

It’s hard to focus on creative work or business development when you’re juggling the day-to-day tasks of simply making a business run. Let our team of specialized professionals handle your bookkeeping, project management, sales, and more.


We hire specialized assistants for Digital Nomads and Solo Entrepreneurs around the globe, ready to work in your desired time zone. These skilled assistants can assist with a variety of operations and data-related projects, such as bookkeeping, database/CRM systems, advanced Excel/Google Docs, Outlook/G-Suite, and more.


Let our expert specialized assistants for Digital Nomads and Solo Entrepreneurs handle your email marketing, mail merge, cold calling, lead tracking, and customer follow-up.


Need additional services or a specialized skill set? Offsite-Team will find the ideal assistants and work with you to make your business run more smoothly

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