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Business Operations

Operations Team

This is by far one of the best services Offsite-Team has to offer. Think of this as an army of team members dedicated to helping your business succeed in multiple areas of growth and development. If you are an entrepreneur or a C-level executive and have a busy schedule, you shouldn’t waste your time managing your day-to-day operations, customer service, bookkeeping or admin tasks that can easily be delegated to an experienced team who maintains a strong level of client-confidentiality. The sooner you automate your operations the better you can focus on the bigger picture; i.e. taking your company to the next level while the business runs itself.

Examples of tasks include (but are not limited to): CRM management, email management, calendar management, project management, accounts receivables, sales, bookkeeping,  research, reporting and other AD hoc projects.


• Starting at $1,499/month. Get in touch for a free consultation call.

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